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medical-education-development-and-research-centre-edc-2016  Medical Education Development and Research Centre (EDC)  2016
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achievements-2015      Identification of the staff needs in training (March 2013) Workshop (Team Based Learning) 24/05/2014 Workshop on writing and publishing scientific...
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student-academic-committeesThis novel method of obtaining student feedback and informing them of subsequent changes involve regular, informal and frank discussions with student...
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staff-development ·         Regular workshops Regular clinical meetings, training programs and short courses for faculty staff Arrange for visits of International...
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goals-of-the-centreResearch in medical education and related areas To promote research in conditions related to the local environment To plan and implement research...
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ecd-main-activities-includeCurriculum development   Providing educational support for staff and students in teaching/learning, assessment methods.
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missionThe mission of the center is to participate in the development of an innovative health professional education and also the practice of scientific...
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vision To stimulate excellence in the field of medical education and research throughout the entire professional life for the members of the teaching...
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introductionThe EDC was founded in the year 1997 collectively with the establishment of the college of medicine (Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences/International...

جداول محاضرات كلية الطب 2018م:

1- ماجستير: 

     - كيمياء حيوية:

Biostatistics and Experimental Design


2- بكالريوس:

 Cell  and Human body  

( G I T ( 1  

( G I T ( 2 

Introduction to Medicine Timetable

Radiology ,Medical Imaging & oncology

Man and his Environment 

Chemistry and Biochemistry

Medical Physics

Oral and Dental Health


introduction to pathology

Obstetrics and Gynecology

 Management of Primary Health care

Primary Health Care 1 - Batch 20

PH - 3

Locomotors system - 1

Clerkship in Internal Medicine

Pediatrics and Child Health

Clerkship in Surgery


جدول مطلوبات الجامعة



جداول محاضرات كلية الطب الفصول الدراسية الزوجية مارس-2018م

الدفعة (21) الفصل الدراسي الثاني

Introduction on epidemiology and biostatistics

The jurisprudence and ethics of the medical profession


Field work

Growth &Development

Introduction to  Computer  

مطلوبات الجامعة الدفعة (21)

الدفعة(20) الفصل الدراسي الرابع

 Respiratory System

cardiovascular system


Basic skills

PHC -2

الدفعة  (9)الفصل الدراسي السادس

Nervous System

Urigenital system

Forensic Medicine

Research Methodology/Projects

Endemic Diseases


الفصل الدراسي  الثامن والعاشر

Department of Paediatrics and Child Health

Management of Primary Health care

Internal Medicine


 Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology

Radiology ,Medical Imaging & oncology  


 الطب النفسي - الدفعة 17-18