Regular workshops

Regular clinical meetings, training programs and short courses for faculty staff

Arrange for visits of International experts in Medical Education to conduct workshops in Education Research and Curriculum Development.

To offer consultancy services concerning health sciences and related health problems on the national and international levels.

Curriculum monitoring, evaluation and reform:

The EDC is assigned to oversee the overall curriculum, implementation and assessment to ensure appropriateness and balance of the modules contents.

The EDC frequently monitors the programme activities to ensure that, the outcome quality matches the explicit objectives of the medical school, and it is responsible for suggesting curriculum amendment, review and reform. The tools used for monitoring and evaluations involve:

Student’s questionnaire

Staff feedback comments

Analysis of examination results and in individual modules

Monitoring the quality of graduates

4.      Others:

Distance Learning Programs:

With the aim of enhancing staff capacity in Medical Education

ii.      EDC to encourage and support members of the academic staff of the Faculty to join certified Distance Learning Courses.

Orientation programmes for undergraduates:

Medical students are given support and guidance to become familiar with the faculty curriculum and develop self directed study skills through orientation courses; for new entrance, before the clinical appointments and before commencing their internship.