Identification of the staff needs in training (March 2013)

Workshop (Team Based Learning) 24/05/2014

Workshop on writing and publishing scientific papers (Research Methodology & Scientific Writing) )3/6/2014(

Obtaining the international number for the Medical Journal )03/06/2014(

Preparation of curriculum framework August )2014( 

Collection and translation of the curriculum )September 2014(

A joint workshop with the Supreme Committee of curriculum development/International University of Africa, on writing and development of curriculum September )2014(

Training course in medical statistics and SPSS ) December 28 to 30, 2014(

Supervision of African Medical Students regarding epidemics in Africa (11 researches) November/December – 2014

Health meeting session, for university staff, about Ebola epidemic in Africa. The meeting held in partnership with Center of Research and African Studies – 13/11/2014

Training of Master Biochemistry students in research and biostatistics skills Aug./Sept. 2014

Promoting of the faculty website in partnership with the web administration department of the university – June 2014